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6 Signs Your Body Needs Plant Protein

The aches, the pains, the discomfort, and the restless nights.

No, we aren’t talking about staying at your in-laws, but just some of the symptoms that you may have because you might be drinking whey protein instead of plant based protein. Many of the discomforts that we face today we just wait until it “blows over”, but that is one of the worse things you can do for your body.

If there is a problem it needs to be solved. Here are 6 signs that your body needs plant protein.

1.Digestive Issues like being Bloated (Yes, That Includes Bad Gas)

try plant based protein

It’s ok to admit that certain types of food cause you to experience an earthquake in your stomach that causes you to let out some gas. What if we told you that it’s a lot more common than you think?

In a recent survey it has shown that 74% of Americans suffer from some sort of digestive issue.

That can range from bloating, gas, and everything in between. This is a major, not to mention an often embarrassing, problem. The solution? More plants in your diet, including plant proteins.

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Plant-based proteins have fiber in them that helps maintain bowel health while helping ease the digestive process. They are also hypoallergenic which means it’s unlikely your body will react negatively to the protein.

Another sign that you need plant-based protein is if you are experiencing digestive issues when taking other kinds of proteins like whey.

As the body grows older, a digestive enzyme by the name of lactase is not produced as much. This enzyme is in charge of breaking down milk lactose which is in whey protein and dairy products.

When the body can’t digest these proteins is causes discomfort and gas. The beauty of plant-based protein is that they are lactose-free! So say goodbye to all those digestive problems.


2. Trouble Losing Weight or Gaining Muscle

trouble losing weight -plant protein can help

Protein is the single most important nutrient for weight loss and a better-looking body.”

Let me repeat this.

“Protein is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT nutrient for weight loss and a better-looking body.”

So what’s the big deal about protein?

Increasing your intake of protein has a great effect on key weight controlling hormones. As protein levels rise your body is able to increase the level of satiety hormones (which makes you feel full longer) and decrease hormones that tell your brain you are hungry.

Plant protein is an AMAZING source to get all these hunger-fighting benefits because they are typically lower in carbohydrates and free of artificial ingredients giving you a healthy punch to your diet.

If you are having trouble gaining the lean muscle that you have always wanted you probably need plant protein. Why? Plant protein gives your body all the essential amino acids that your body can’t synthesize on its own. With the help of these proteins and amino acids, your body is able to quickly repair and build lean muscle.


3. Sluggish Metabolism

When it comes to our metabolism we may feel like it’s acting a little sluggish. If your body feels like it moves as fast as a slug (.03 miles per hour just in case you were wondering), you feel cold all the time, have a weak digestion, or chronic headaches.

If your metabolism is acting up (or not acting at all), it’s a sign. So pay attention to it!

WebMD teaches us the importance of our metabolism by describing it as, “how well your body burns energy to keep up basic functions like heartbeat, breathing, and thinking.” Without these basic functions, we would be…well…dead!

Having the right protein can help kick your metabolism into overdrive and give your body back those basic functions. Once your metabolism is revved up it will also help you start burning those pesky unwanted calories away. With those calories gone it’s like deflating that tire that we all have around our waists.


4. Poor Skin Health

bad skin try plan based protein

First things first, you have to be comfortable in your own skin. If you have constant breakouts and worry lines all over your face and body it can be a big shot to your confidence.

For your skin to look tight, healthy, and youthful it needs to have a lot of collagen working for it. Collagen gives the tissue in your skin structure so it is able to resist the formation of wrinkles in your skin. You can think of collagen and the skins “cement” that keeps everything together and tight.

Consuming plant-based protein gives your body a boost in the amino acids L-lysine and L-proline which play a key role in the formation of collagen leaving your skin stronger and healthy.

Let’s face it, we all need some more plant-based protein right about now.


5. Feeling Tired… All the Time

tired all the time sleepy woman

We have all seen and laughed at the person in the movie theater, on the bus, or at work getting the head bops. You watch their head go down and up and down again as they drift in and out of consciousness. Hilarious to watch, but not so fun when it is you falling asleep everywhere you go.

Because life is not meant for all of us to walk around like sleepless zombies, we have to start making simple changes in our diet to give us the energy to enjoy every day.

Most of the time our zombie-like movements are from not getting a quality night of sleep. We shift and turn all night and have periods of looking up at the ceiling wishing we were asleep.

This is your body giving you a sign that something is off.

Research has shown that “Consuming a lower calorie diet with a higher amount of protein, sleep quality improves for middle-aged adults.”

Plant-based protein is able to help get some quality Zzz time because it is easily digestible which leave your stomach not working overtime when you are trying to get some shut-eye. The biggest reason why this protein helps you sleep is that it promotes tryptophan. This is an amino acid that is one of the first steps in creating more serotonin in your body which is the hormone that regulates your sleep-wake cycle in your body.

Stop feeling tired all the time and get the quality night rest that you and your body needs with the help of plant-based protein.

6. Getting Sick Easily

grabing a tissue-getting sick all the time

If the mountain of tissues, the red Rudolph nose, and being one with your couch is becoming a common occurrence for you, it’s time to make a change.

There are an estimated 1 billion cases of the cold each year. If you find yourself getting sick easily and often it is time to strengthen your immune system.

The immune system is made of up proteins so no wonder it is so important to get the right amount of protein in your body to keep it functioning!

Some of these proteins are what make up the antibodies that circulate your bloodstream searching for bacteria and viruses to attack and eliminate. These antibodies are what stop you from getting sick.

Plant-based proteins are an excellent source of immune-boosting power because they often have quinoa protein. This specific type of protein contains over 6 different kinds of antioxidants that are ready to keep you healthy and out of bed.

So say goodbye to your box of tissues and afternoon TV drama shows, because it’s time to get you healthy again!

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And if that isn’t enough, this mega protein also:

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  • Gives you a stamina boost
  • Helps gently clean the bloodstream

Your body is begging you for a change right now. Don’t leave it helpless!

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