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We know organic products can sometimes taste...
less than delicious.

We wanted a protein shake that was TOTALLY natural and TOTALLY delicious. A shake that even your kids would love.

That's why we created IdealRaw Protein. The best tasting organic shake on the planet! 

By only using real, quality ingredients, (that you can actually pronounce) IdealRaw Protein gets rid of all the extra sugars, chemicals and other bad stuff to reveal the best, cleanest protein shake for you and your family. 

stand behind IdealRaw Protein with our Flavor Pact — love it, or your money back. You’ll dig it, we promise.

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Fit Mommy Challenge

Hi I’m Nicole Wilder, aka The Mommy Trainer. As a certified personal trainer, and a mama to 3 little guys, I’ve become more and more aware of the products that I use. That’s why I’m so excited about all-organic (and all-delicious) IdealRaw Protein. It really works, and it’s clean and healthy enough for my whole family.

Are you a mama, or mama-to-be looking to be strong and healthy for both you and your little one? I’ve teamed up with IdealRaw to to create the FREE 15-Day Mommy Fit Challenge! With daily healthy meal plans, expert training, a supportive community, and safe, effective workouts, you’ll be one hot mama!

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