Introducing IdealRaw

Introducing IdealRaw

When you advertise for IdealRaw you will be offering vegan, soy free, eco-friendly, dairy free, “nothing artificial” products. By only using real, quality ingredients, (that you can actually pronounce) IdealRaw Protein gets rid of all the extra sugars, chemicals and other bad stuff to reveal the best, cleanest protein shake for both you and the planet. 

And because we know organic products can sometimes taste...less than ideal, we stand behind IdealRaw Protein with our Flavor Pact — love it, or your money back. You’ll dig it, we promise. 

Program Benefits

Earn Commission - Starting at 8%

Refer Friends - our two tier $5.00 affiliate referrals allow you to invite your website-owning and blogging friends to join our affiliate program and earn $5 for each friend who is approved.

Dedicated Affiliate Manager - our affiliate manager is proactive and seriously knows her stuff. Like, seriously.

Quality Ads - we have a large database of creatives that are available for all of your advertising needs.

Product Data Feed - you will get a full list of all products with pictures and titles.

Downloadable eBooks - access to IdealRaw eBooks ranging from meal plans to recipes to programs and more!

30 Day Cookie - your customers click will be tracked for 30 days after clicking on an affiliates link. That way you will still get credit for a sale, even if they don’t buy product right away.

Average Sale - our average sale is $100 dollars, so you can receive some really generous payouts.

Return Rate - our return rate is less than 2%... so we must be doing something right? Right.

Money Back Guarantee - aren’t satisfied? Let us know and get a 100% money back guarantee on products. Always.

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