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5 Tips to Beat the Heat of Summer Workouts

Summer is a great time of year that involves a lot of outdoor activities, and with many cities across the country lifting restrictions on quarantine, everyone is itching to get outside. 

You have likely been doing a home workout routine, which you are sick of, but you may not feel completely comfortable going back to your local gym yet. Luckily, during this season you can do a lot of amazing workouts outside. Check out our top tips to help you beat the heat this Summer while still getting the most out of each workout! 


Be Smart and Flexible: We all know that the mornings and evenings are the coolest parts of the day, so plan for your outdoor workouts around these times. There is nothing worse than trying to go for a run at 1pm on a 90+ degree day. Depending on where you live, summer weather can also bring strong winds, rains and other natural weather phenomena that can put a halt to your workout. So if something pops up, be prepared to switch the workout to a different time, place or even the workout itself. If you can’t do your usual 3-mile run because it is too hot, opt for a cooler activity like biking or swimming laps! There are a lot of ways you can get your cardio in.



Embrace Your Inner Child: If you chose to go for an early morning or evening run, you may notice that a lot of sprinklers are going off as this is when most people water their lawns. Don’t hesitate to embrace your inner child and run through them to help cool you off! You might feel intimidated about running through strangers’ yards, which is totally fine, instead look for parks and other public spaces that have their sprinklers going off! This quick tip will help to keep you cool as the day heats up. If it gets hot enough, you won’t even be wet by the time you get home! 


Treat YO-SELF: Invest a little bit of money into some high quality, moisture-wicking workout clothes. It doesn’t have to be expensive brand name clothing necessarily, as there are lesser known companies that have the same quality materials. Ideally, you would want to avoid cotton and opt for a synthetic material. This is because they breathe better and help to wick sweat away from your body to dry faster, which allows you to cool off more efficiently. Obviously, this isn’t exactly environmentally friendly. One way to combat this is to buy second hand clothing! The clothing has already been made and could potentially end up in a dump, so by purchasing it and using it, you are being ethically and financially savvy! As a side note, while it may seem obvious, wearing a hat can also help keep you cooler by keeping the sun off of your face. 



Make it Rain: in your home that is! Take a shower before you work out. That might seem really weird and pointless, but trust us, you’ll thank yourself later. Don’t use any soap or anything, as you’ll save that for your post workout shower, just rinse off in the coldest water you can tolerate. Bringing your core body temperature down will have you feeling much cooler for longer while you workout. As both your body and the weather heats up, you will too, but at a much slower pace than if you didn’t use this trick. When you dry off from your pre-workout shower, don’t dry your hair. By leaving it soaking wet, it’ll help keep you cool as you work out and the water evaporates. As it dries, it may not look good in your eyes, but you can always fix it when you take an actual shower after! 


Don’t Over Do It: Match your intensity to the weather! Over exerting yourself in hot, humid weather is a recipe for disaster and you could potentially suffer from heatstroke. Pace yourself and take breaks as necessary, as the detrimental effects of heat stroke could ruin the progress that you’ve worked so hard for.  Also, don’t forget the most important rule for working out outside, and that is to hydrate! Don’t just drink water during/after your workout, drink it all day long and the day before. If you know you will be exercising a lot outside, stay well-hydrated on a daily basis. 

Beat the Heat: Not only do you need to take physical actions to survive those brutal summer workouts, but you also need to make smart nutritional choices as well. After an intense workout in blistering hot weather, you need to focus on rehydrating and refueling your body. Luckily, you can kill two birds with one stone by drinking a protein shake! IdealRaw’s organic plant-based protein is packed with 15 grams of complete proteins to help your muscles recover, and by mixing it with your favorite liquid, you can start to rehydrate as well! 

So don’t let the dog days of summer stop you from hitting your goals, be smart and use these tips so you can crush your goals all summer long!


Amy Huber

Amy Huber

Writer and expert

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