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How Gestational Diabetes Can Prep You For a Healthier, Fitter Pregnancy (and Life)

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Mama, you just found out that you’re pregnant, and you are overcome with emotion. First, you are happy, then scared, then crying, then laughing, then in denial, and the cycle continues.

But this is just the beginning.

You start researching everything you can about pregnancy and get overwhelmed with all of the information. Do I have gestational diabetes? Do I need to change my entire diet?

On top of that, you’re also trying to get fit and healthy. Should you throw this out the window now that you’re prego?

Nah, girl. It’s time to get fit, healthy and have a good pregnancy.

And I want to help you get there. My fellow mamas call me Mommy Trainer, and I focus on helping pregnant, nursing and post-baby mamas get in shape. I’m a trainer second and a mama first so I have your best needs in mind, no matter what gets thrown your way.

Gestational Diabetes: What is it? 

Let’s talk gestational diabetes. Have you heard of it?

Gestational diabetes or high blood sugar can develop during pregnancy. It’s a little bit scary because you can get gestational diabetes without any prior risk factors.

Some of these risk factors include:

  • Being obese when you become pregnant
  • Having high blood pressure or other medical issues
  • Giving birth to a large (greater than 9 lbs) baby before
  • Having gestational diabetes in previous pregnancies
  • Family history of diabetes

And more.

If this is something that concerns you, don’t fret, because all expectant mothers will be tested for gestational diabetes at some point during their pregnancy.

When you become pregnant, your body goes through soooo many changes. You might get morning sickness, swollen ankles, acid reflux, cramps in your legs, or your limbs go numb, you crave tons of weird food, or you don’t want to even look at food, the list goes on and on. It only makes sense that your body wreaks havoc on your hormones, which can affect so many things.

When people talk about signs of gestational diabetes it makes me laugh because I feel like these are just normal issues with pregnancy.

Some symptoms might include:

  • Being super thirsty
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Frequent urination

Don’t most of these just happen when you’re pregnant? Regardless, if you experience these issues and are concerned, bring it up with your doctor.

Why You Should Take Gestational Diabetes Seriously 

I feel like when you’re pregnant you automatically become more paranoid and that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

If gestational diabetes is treated effectively, then there is little risk of complications. Even better, lots of women don’t have any diabetes’ symptoms after the pregnancy.

BUT. If it is left untreated there can be issues with mother and baby that include:

  • Increased chance of cesarean delivery
  • Larger birth weight
  • Baby could be born with low blood sugar
  • Premature delivery
  • Baby could be born with jaundice
  • Mama could have a higher chance of getting Type 2 Diabetes later in life

Scary right? Don’t worry though. There are plenty of actions you can take to get your health under control.

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Let’s Get Physical 

Sometimes it takes a scare to really kick our butts into gear. Learning about gestational diabetes and waiting on your test results could be that trigger!

But what if you didn’t wait that long? What if you decided right here, right now, that you were going to be fit and healthy throughout your entire pregnancy, regardless of your old excuses!

Think of how many times you’ve told yourself that you want to get in shape. “I’ll start my new diet next week.” “I’ll start running right after this vacation.” Throw a baby into the mix and you have even more excuses! “Well, I’m pregnant and I’m eating for two.” “I’m so tired all of the time.”

Trust me, I’ve said all of these things. I have 3 little boys of my own and I know what it feels like to hold that new baby in my arms. A time that should be filled with joy and happiness–for me– was overshadowed with my disgust with myself.

My boys are my world. But I knew that in order for me to be the best mama, I needed to take care of myself too. Whether you get diagnosed with gestational diabetes or you just want to maintain a healthy weight, start with exercise.

The craziest thing with gestational diabetes is that you can be fit and healthy and STILL get it! That just isn’t fair. But if that’s you…guess what? You won’t need to change your life drastically. If you are already exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet, that’s the first step to help against gestational diabetes.

If you aren’t used to a regular fitness routine and find yourself snacking on anything and everything you want, then exercise and a healthy diet are a MUST to get your gestational diabetes under control.

Keep in mind that your doctor will take good care of you. They will most likely set you up with a dietitian or nutritionist to help you get an idea of what you should be eating. If you decide to look on your own, make sure to get everything approved with your doc. Better safe, right?

Gestational Diabetes Diet: Eating Healthy For Two 

It’s amazing how much better a healthy diet can make you feel. Exercise and a healthy diet usually come with an increase in energy levels, strength-building, and just plain ol’ happier people. I want all of those things all of the time.

Wouldn’t you want it, even more, when you are fueling your little babe in your belly?

Again, your doctor or dietician will have the best advice here. But most likely they will suggest you cut out foods with tons of sugars (sodas, cookies, cakes, pretty much anything yummy). Instead, fill your belly with veggies, grains, and fruit (keep in mind that there’s sugar in fruit too).

Along with taking your prenatal’s, make sure you are getting enough protein in your diet. There are plenty of foods to avoid during pregnancy that most of us know about. But protein is NOT one of them. On the contrary, your protein requirements increase to at least 75g of protein daily.

If you are not a meat person, or it makes you sick (boo morning sickness), try out an organic protein shake. It might even satisfy your sweet tooth! As always, once you pick your protein of choice, make sure you run it by your doctor to make sure they approve.

OH yeah! Drinks lots of water. Lots and lots. You probably have to pee a lot anyway, so make sure you are staying hydrated (this can help with swelling too).

Let’s Have A Fit Pregnancy 

Remember. You are a queen! You are mama queen bee.  You are selflessly giving up your body, sleep, and time to grow and raise this baby. So, go ahead and kill two birds with one stone and start living fit, eating clean, and making sure that you do you. I can personally tell you that you will be happier, healthier and your baby will benefit as well!

Now that you know what you need to do, where do you start? Check out my FREE 15 Day Challenge here. I have workouts and meal plans to help you, whether you’re pregnant, nursing or losing the baby weight. Try it out*.


*These meal plans were not created for women with gestational diabetes. But they are healthy options for women looking for a pregnancy diet.  Please go to your doctor or dietitian for a meal plan specifically for you!

Nicole Wilder

Nicole Wilder

Nicole Wilder

As a proud mother to three busy little boys, I specialize in helping women look and feel their healthiest. I love a good workout session. I enjoy exploring the beautiful PNW where I live and spending time with my family.

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