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7 Ways You Can Improve Your Sleep

We all know how important sleep is and how much we’re affected when we don’t get enough of it, right?

Think back to those days when you definitely could’ve used a few more hours. You probably felt sluggish and found it nearly impossible to muster up enough energy to complete your daily tasks.

If you’re someone who struggles with getting in the right amount of z’s, try these 7 ways you can improve your sleep below.

1. Ditch The Afternoon Coffee

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If you find yourself tossing and turning in the middle of the night, consider cutting your afternoon coffee break out of your daily routine. Instead, swap the cup of joe for an herbal tea or some protein packed energy bites for an afternoon pick me up.

Herbal teas have so many benefits (and far less caffeine) so your mind and body can be at ease and jitter free.

Green tea is a great alternative to coffee if you still find yourself getting stuck in that 2 pm rut. It contains 35-70mg of caffeine, which is almost 3x less than the amount of caffeine in coffee.

Peppermint tea is an anti-inflammatory and can help suppress your appetite. This is perfect for those midnight cravings that always seem to sneak up on us.

Chamomile tea has been nicknamed “sleep tea” due to its ability to relieve stress and promote relaxation. 

2. Create A Bedtime Routine

bedtime routine

Our bodies learn best from habit, so developing a nighttime routine that can become a habit can be so beneficial to your quality of sleep.

A consistent routine will help keep you on track so you can be in bed at a decent hour. It’s important that you create a routine that you will enjoy and look forward to, so it’s easier for you to adapt to.

It may get a bit old, but following the same routine every night will signal a sense of sleepiness to your brain.

Here are a few things to try out:

  • light some candles, grab your favorite book, and run yourself a bath
  • practice a few relaxing nighttime stretches to relieve any stress
  • pack your lunch and lay out your clothes fork work the next morning
  • dab a few drops of lavender or tea tree essential oil on your pillow or in an oil diffuser

*Lavender has been shown to lower heart rate and blood pressure, putting you in a relaxed state.

3. Set the Mood

oil diffuser

Your bedroom should be a stress-free place that is comfortable and relaxing. If you have things scattered all over the floor and on your bed, your mind will feel cluttered and unorganized.

Take a few minutes each night to tidy up your room and make sure things are put away, so you can enjoy a relaxing sleep and wake up to a clean room. Who wants to start their day by waking up to a mess?

Once your room is nice and tidy, your mind will feel clear and ready for a good night’s sleep.

4. Try A Natural Supplement

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If you can’t help but worry about a million things as soon as your head hits the pillow, try taking a natural supplement to relieve stress and give you some peace of mind.

Trying to fall asleep with the weight of all your stressors is tough and almost impossible. It can keep you up at night and cause you to have a restless sleep, leaving you exhausted in the morning.

A natural supplement like IdealRaw Calm has ingredients like lemon balm, valerian root, and chamomile in it, which help reduce anxiety and everyday stressors.

5. Stay Consistent

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This is probably the most important tip.

Sticking to a routine and going to bed at the same time every night will help get your body accustomed to a set schedule. However, sometimes we get busy and before we know it, we’re climbing into bed two hours after our normal time.

That’s life, right? Sometimes there’s nothing we can do.

What you can do though, is wake up at the same time as you normally do, regardless of the amount of sleep you got. This will keep your body on schedule and help you fall asleep at a normal time the next night.

If you schedule in your bedtime and treat it just like any other appointment, you’ll start to get in the habit of laying your head on the pillow at the same time every night. After all, sleep is just as important as any other daily task you have scheduled for the day.

Your body gets a second wind of energy after 10:30pm, so aim to get in bed within 10 minutes of that time each night.

6. Have An Early Dinner

lisa - have an early dinner

Laying down with a full stomach is not only uncomfortable, it’s also very unhealthy. Opt for a lighter, earlier dinner so you can fall asleep easier.

Having a midnight snack might be tempting, but your body will thank you for skipping out on it. Try to eliminate any snacks about 2 hours before you head to bed so your body can have the proper time to digest everything.

If you absolutely need to have a snack before bed, try these sleep promoting snacks:

  • handful of nuts
  • glass of warm milk
  • a banana
  • handful of cherries

7. Put Down the Electronics

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We all know this one, right? But we still have a hard time making it happen.

If you can reach for a book rather than your phone for 1 week, you’ll see a huge different in your ability to fall asleep faster.

Having a bright light in your face right before you try to fall asleep will only delay the process. Think about someone shining a light in your face when you’re waking up in the morning. I bet you’d get up faster, right? Bright lights create an alert throughout your body, leaving you wide awake.

If you must be on your phone before bed, opt for the warmer lighting option to allow your eyes to adjust slowly.

A Peaceful Ending

idealraw calm

Pick one of these things to work on every week until they start to become habits and watch your sleep quality improve immensely.

And remember, consistency is key!

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