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Better Than White Flour: Healthy Flour Alternatives (Gluten Free!)

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It’s not new information that white refined flour isn’t good for our bodies.

We all know that it’s not doing us (or our waistlines) any favors, yet we still over-consume white flour in the form of baked bread, desserts, and pasta on the daily.

Here are some reasons why you should try to avoid white flour and some healthier alternatives.

Why You Should Avoid Refined White Flour

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White flour is the end result after a whole grain of wheat has been processed (practically to death) and then bleached.

Since it’s processed so heavily and bleached with chlorine gas, it not only loses most of its nutritional benefits, but it also produces a chemical called Alloxan.

Alloxan is linked with free radical increase. Yikes.

Although there may only be trace amounts of this harmful chemical in white flour, it’s not something you want to be consuming on a regular basis.

Since most of the vitamins and minerals and all of the fiber has been removed from refined flour, it is digested quickly. This means a blood sugar spike larger than what you may get from a candy bar.

If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about a measly sugar spike, it’s a bigger deal than you might think.

Frequent spikes in blood sugar can lead to a decline in overall health and wellbeing.

Healthy Flour Alternatives

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Fortunately, if you still want to enjoy and make baked goods that call for white flour, you have options.

These healthy flour alternatives contain fiber, protein, and vitamins and minerals, making them excellent white flour substitutes. (They are also gluten free!)

Oat Flour

Oats have been linked to healthier cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure.

Oat flour is inexpensive, bakes well, and provides a little extra moisture to baked goods.

Oat flour gives you an extra boost of fiber and can benefit your heart!

If you already have oats at home, simply grind them up in a blender, food processor, or coffee grinder. You can also purchase oat flour at most grocery stores.

Coconut Flour

Coconut flour is full of healthy fats and is low glycemic. It works well in baking although you might have to add more liquid to your recipes as coconut flour absorbs more liquid than other flours.

Substituting other flours with coconut flour has also been shown to lower the glycemic index of many foods!

Almond Flour

Like oats, almonds have also been linked to healthier cholesterol levels.

Almond flour is full of nutrients like magnesium and potassium. It’s great for baking and other cooking uses.

Brown Rice Flour

Chose brown rice flour over white rice flour as it has more nutrients and fiber. It’s digested easily and works the best for making pasta.

Chickpea Flour

From the garbanzo bean, chickpea flour is an excellent source of B vitamins and folate which means it’s a good option for pregnant women.

Chickpea flour makes a great pancake and is one of the more inexpensive white flour alternatives.

Tapioca Flour

Tapioca flour is a great thickener if you’re making dishes that call for flour to thicken sauces or soups.

Tapioca is low calorie and contains a decent amount of vitamin C.

Amaranth Flour

Amaranth is considered one of nature’s healthiest grains aiding in bone health and protecting against diabetes.

Its nutty flavor makes it a great substitute for a variety of dishes.

How To Use Flour Substitutes

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You can start swapping out white flour for these healthy flour alternatives today!

Each flour has its unique texture and flavor. Some might work better than others for different recipes so you might have to research which ones would work best for you.

The good news is making healthy swaps like this one and others will improve your health without having to sacrifice all the foods you enjoy.

You can use these white flour alternatives as well as IdealRaw Protein in your cooking to boost nutrition and flavor.


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Alissa Kepas

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