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3 Simple Tricks to Turn Your Smoothie Into a Super Smoothie

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Let’s talk smoothies.

You know, those refreshingly delicious, fruity drinks that are mixed with pretty much anything you can think of.

We all love them, and we’re so easily drawn to those smoothie shops and juice bars while we’re out and about getting things done.

They especially come in handy when we need that afternoon pick-me-up to curb hunger and get us through until dinner.

But, there are a few problems with going to our favorite smoothie joints.

Don’t get me wrong, I love grabbing something quick that’s full of fruits and veggies while I’m running my kids everywhere.

But the cost of buying one little 12 oz smoothie adds up faster than you might think, and the amount of sugar in some of them may surprise you.

And if you add those little boosts to your smoothie, like raw organic superfood powder for antioxidants, or a protein boost, you’ll end up paying even more!

So I’ve got a few tips for you, three to be exact, to help you take the smoothie shop home and make smoothies and shakes that you’ll absolutely love!

Tip 1: Smooth out Your Smoothie With Bananas




Bananas are just the greatest, aren’t they?

Whenever I pick some up at the grocery store, my girls pretty much eat them all that same day.

You may have heard that they are a great source of potassium, which is totally true, but they have a lot of other benefits you may not know about.

Bananas are actually a great source for carbs, around 24g, in case you’re super into counting your macros.

They also are high in vitamin B6, vitamin C, and even Magnesium.

But for a smoothie or protein shake base, you can always count on bananas.

Bananas are an excellent way to smooth out your shakes and smoothies, especially if you’re using a plant-based protein powder, like IdealRaw.

Plant-based proteins tend to be grainier than whey or soy protein powders, but a single banana blended up in your shake makes a world of difference.

*Pro-smoothie tip: If you aren’t a fan of bananas but still need something to smooth out your smoothie, try an avocado, frozen peas, or even a sweet potato puree.

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Tip 2: Add a Leafy Green or Vegetable

I think I can speak for most everyone when I say that we prefer a fruit smoothie over a green one.

But you should never push your veggies to the side.

Adding a leafy green, like spinach or kale, adds a ton more vitamins and minerals to your smoothie.

Raw spinach is such a great add-in to put in your shake or smoothie!

It’s super high in zinc and niacin, as well as iron, calcium, and other and other great nutrients your body needs.

And don’t you even worry. If you don’t love vegetables, the taste is masked by all the fruits you’ll put in.

It’s such a great way to trick yourself into eating your veggies. Just beware, your smoothie will more than likely turn green!

Tip 3: Use a Raw Organic Superfood Powder

If you really want to make a smoothie perfect, grab yourself a bag or tub of raw organic superfood powder.

IdealRaw actually has an organic superfood powder that is packed with 12 fruits and vegetables that will give you tons of vitamins and minerals.

Buy IdealRaw Organic Superfood HERE!

Here’s the list of the certified organic ingredients:

  • Pea protein
  • Flaxseed powder
  • Chia seed powder
  • Agave inulin
  • Hemp protein
  • Quinoa powder
  • Vanilla powder
  • Green tea extract
  • Carrots
  • Beets
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Broccoli
  • Oranges
  • Apples
  • Shiitake mushrooms
  • Cherries
  • Cranberries
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries

Pretty much everything you can ask for in a smoothie, right?

Each serving gives you 6g of protein and 0g of fat as well. So many benefits in a little pouch.

And it’s actually tons cheaper than buying organic produce from the store each week.

A small smoothie at your local juice bar will cost you an average of $4.99. If you buy a smoothie five days in a row, you’re looking at over $25!

IdealRaw Organic Superfood is retailed at $29.99 but it gives you 30 servings worth of super fruits and vegetables.

I love IdealRaw’s organic superfood powder.

If you want quick and convenient, without paying a ton of money, this is a must-have for smoothie lovers.

Perfect Your Smoothies With IdealRaw Organic Superfood Powder

Smoothies are the greatest, and with these three tips, they’ll become even better.

With how many different recipes you can find out there, you’ll never get sick of them.

They are seriously great if you’re in a rush and just need something fast.

With IdealRaw Organic Superfood, your smoothie making abilities will be unstoppable!

Lisa Danielson

Lisa Danielson

Vegan Nutritionist

Major advocate for all things green and vegetarian. With the nickname “Veggie Lisa”, I am here to help you love veggies as much as I do! With my tips and tricks for preparing delicious veggies, you’ll never think plants are boring again.

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