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Why Does IdealRaw’s Organic Protein Come From 7 Different Plant Sources?

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Is your protein powder average?

Are you paying for mediocre?

As someone who has tried literally every plant based protein shake out there, I felt like I was being let down. That was until I found IdealRaw organic protein!

If you look at most plant-based shakes on the market, you’ll find most of them have a blend of two, three, maybe four different plant proteins.

At IdealRaw, things are different. They went ahead and included 7 organic sources of pure plant protein!

Why settle for average when you can have exceptional ya know?

The benefits of this diversity mean greater health benefits. Here are some reasons why IdealRaw’s protein comes from 7 organic plant sources and what that means for you.

1.You Get All 9 Essential Amino Acids

If you didn’t know already, protein is arguably the single most important macronutrient.

Amino acids are the smallest unit of protein. They are called the building blocks of life, and rightfully so!

Your body uses amino acids for virtually everything, from hormone production to repairing and building tissue.

There are 20 amino acids, 9 of which are essential to get from your diet on the daily because your body can’t make them or store them.

What happens if you don’t consume these 9 essential amino acids every day? Nothing good!

  • Breakdown of muscle tissue (the exact OPPOSITE of what you want to happen)
  • A weak immune system
  • Brittle hair and dry skin
  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Not being able to handle stress

As you can see, getting all 9 essential amino acids every day is critical for optimal health.

With IdealRaw’s broad plant protein profile, you’re getting all nine essential amino acids from high-quality organic plant sources.

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Including more sources of plant protein gives you a more diverse range of amino acids, both essential and nonessential for the most complete plant protein all in one tub.

Instead of worrying about combining supplements or getting the amino acids you need from whole foods, you can be confident you’re getting all you need with one delicious shake.

2. Phytonutrients and Antioxidants

Lots of organic plant protein sources? That means phytonutrients and antioxidants!

You’ve probably heard of antioxidants and how they can protect your cells, but what are phytonutrients?

Phytonutrients are nutrients only found in plants. Like antioxidants, they also protect our bodies and keep us healthy!

3. Organic protein? Extra health benefits!

IdealRaw organic plant sources

When deciding upon which plant proteins to use in IdealRaw, we dug deep into the research and found the ones that would benefit the body the most.

Each brings its own unique and powerful qualities to the table.

Organic Rice Protein

Rice protein is hypoallergenic and easily digestible. Rice protein also features antioxidants, B-Vitamins, and fiber. According to research, it’s comparable to whey protein when it comes to fat loss and muscle growth over an 8 week period.

What this means for you: If your goal is to build muscle and lose fat, IdealRaw can boost your efforts by providing you muscle building organic rice protein.

Organic Pea Protein

Pea protein is easy to digest and is high in BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) which are essential for muscle recovery and repair. Pea protein also helps you feel less hungry in between meals.

What this means for you: Feel like your hunger is ruining your efforts to lose weight or manage your cravings? Pea protein can help you stay full and satisfied for longer, reducing pesky cravings.

Organic Coconut Protein

This tropical protein features 17 of the 20 amino acids and also provides support to your nervous system, connective tissues, and even supports youthful looking skin.

What this means for you: If you want beautiful skin, coconut products, like the organic coconut protein in IdealRaw can keep your skin soft, clear, and radiant.

Organic Chia Protein

Chia is packed full of protein and healthy omega acids, as well as impressive amounts of many essential vitamins and minerals. It’s an ancient superfood for a reason!

What this means for you: Do you care about your heart health? I’m sure you do, which is why chia protein (full of omega acids) will protect you against heart disease.

Organic Sunflower Protein

Sunflower protein is a complete protein, featuring all 20 amino acids your body needs. Sunflower protein also packs in a sizeable helping of BCAAs for muscle recovery and repair.

What this means for you: Sore after working out all the time? BCAAs from our organic sunflower protein can help you recover faster and perform better.

Organic Golden Flax Protein

Providing more than just protein, golden flax also contains heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, along with antioxidants and fiber.

What this means for you: Antioxidants and fiber boost overall wellness and support a healthy heart.

Organic Pumpkin Protein

Pumpkin protein is a great source of omega acids and is high in vitamin K, making it one of the most nutritious plant proteins available.

What this means for you: Vitamin K supports optimal bone health.

Organic Matters – Is Your Protein Up To Standard?

idealraw tub with organic protein

There’s lots of debate on whether organic really matters or not.

Some argue it’s nothing but an excuse to knock up prices. Others swear by its purity.

Does organic really matter?

At IdealRaw, we argue that it does!

Organic produce has to pass strict inspection and farming protocol to be labeled USDA organic. This means no conventional (and harmful) pesticides, fertilizers, food additives, and processing.

Choosing organic can help you avoid chemicals and toxins.

Other studies have found that compared to conventional produce, organic is higher in vitamin C, antioxidants, and contains fewer nitrates.

IdealRaw is proud to be transparent and the best in clean nutrition. Every ingredient is organically sourced so you know you’re only getting the best available.

IdealRaw: Your First Step Towards a Cleaner Life

Changing your eating habits can be a daunting and challenging endeavor.

Many lead busy lives consisting of the daily grind and making healthy food choices can be inconvenient.

IdealRaw wants to make it easier for you to eat better and reach your goals faster.

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With IdealRaw you can…

  • Consume more plants, boosting your nutrition through plant-based foods.
  • Get the protein your body needs (with all of the essential amino acids) easier and from clean organic sources.
  • Eat healthy on the go and when you don’t have time to purchase whole foods.
  • Protect the environment by consuming more plants and less carbon emitting meat and dairy.

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