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Myth Busting: Top 3 Lies About Plant Based Protein

Fact: most of the myths and fables out there surrounding plant-based proteins are about as true as Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster.

So why do we believe these outrageous myths and opinions?

Often or not it’s just because we don’t know all the science and facts behind it.

That’s why I searched for the most common misconceptions surrounding plant-based protein and broke them down to see if there was any truth behind them (I’ll give you a hint, there was about as much truth in them as leftovers from your cheat meal).

Here are the 3 myths of plant-based proteins, solved by science.

1.Plant Based Protein Aren’t Complete Proteins

plant based protein quinoa with spoon

This is perhaps one of the most common myths about plant protein.

It’s the misconception that you may be getting protein from these green things, but they are not complete. So why eat them?

In order for a protein to be complete it has to follow one crucial requirement: contain all the essential amino acids.

When you break protein down, it’s all made up of amino acids (20 to be exact). Many of these amino acids can be synthesized inside the body, but those which can’t be are called essential amino acids.

These essential amino acids must be consumed through your diet since your body can’t make them on its own. When you have all the essential amino acids in a protein source it is considered “complete” and can give you the best results for a lean healthy body.

That being said, many people out there will preach plant-based proteins don’t have all the essential amino acids and are therefore incomplete.


Here is a small list of complete plant-based proteins

  • Quinoa protein
  • Hemp seed protein
  • Chia protein
  • Sea vegetable protein
  • Sunflower protein

And this just a few!

It is also very common for plant-based proteins to have “protein blends” in their shakes. This means that they combine many different kinds of plant-based proteins to give you a complete protein and all the additional health benefits that come from the other kinds of protein.

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The truth is that most people just don’t know how to read the nutrition label.

So outsmart the misguided fitness “gurus” and get the benefits of a complete protein and so much more with plant-based protein!

Myth busted.

2. Plant-Based Proteins Don’t Have the Same Effect On Muscle

pati working out

There is no conversation in the fitness world that doesn’t somehow involve the word “muscle”.

Everything that we do when trying to get fit deals with muscle in some way or another. Whether you are trying to lose some fat and get lean or bulk up and look like the Hulk, the common denominator is muscle.

When your muscles are being torn apart from grueling workouts on the treadmill, squat rack, or yes, even the yoga mat, you are going to need protein.

One of the primary functions of protein is to build and repair muscle. Without protein, it would be IMPOSSIBLE for your body to recover or repair any of the muscle tissue that was damaged during exercise.

Let’s make sure we understand this.

It would be IMPOSSIBLE to recover or repair without protein.

Rumor in the fitness world is that plant-based protein just doesn’t give you the same recovery or lean muscle growth benefits compared to other proteins.


A recent study compared two groups of men drinking whey protein (the most common protein) and plant-based protein. They tested these groups of men over eight weeks to see the difference in lean muscle mass gained and bicep thickness.

The results of this study completely debunk this myth.

It was shown over this eight-week period that there was NO DIFFERENCE statistically between the two groups. Both proteins had the same effect on muscle growth in both groups.

Not only can plant protein help you build and retain lean muscle, but it also has other health benefits! Just to name a few…

    • Healthy heart
    • Easy to digest
    • Better on the environment

Another myth busted.

Where is a “that was easy” button when you need it?

3. Plant Based Protein Tastes Like Dirt

bree with idealraw protein

Close your eyes and imagine the best meal you have ever had.

The moment where the food first hits your taste buds and it seems like everything in this chaotic world stops for a second and everything is at peace. Every part of your body seems to warm up and it feels like you are at home.

The power of taste can have a profound impact on what we eat and what we choose to throw in the trash can.

Myths have been circulating around the internet that plant-based protein tastes as if you went and got a scoop of dirt and mixed it in your blender bottle.

This myth couldn’t be more wrong.

Do any of these flavors sound like dirt?

      • Dark Chocolate
      • Vanilla Chai
      • Peanut Butter Fudge
      • Chocolate Strawberry
      • Coconut Almond

Yeah, that’s right. Let your mouth water.

These are just some of the flavors that plant-based proteins offer.

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The Wrap Up

Now let’s review what we’ve learned from this science packed myth busting.

Plant-based proteins are complete proteins giving you all the essential amino acids.

Your lean muscle mass will repair and grow just as fast with plant-based proteins vs other proteins.

Treat your taste buds right by giving them the tantalizing flavors of plant-based proteins (don’t forget to try the amazing recipes with them!)

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Lisa Danielson

Lisa Danielson

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