How Christopher Saxey Lost 100 Lbs and is Healthier Than Ever

a man's before and after weight loss transformation

I started using IdealRaw Organic Protein in January 2018.

I weighed 270 lbs and I was taking medication for blood pressure, high cholesterol and acid reflux.

I was using a CPAP machine for obstructive sleep apnea.

I added a banana and spinach to my shake every morning as a meal replacement, using almond milk as a medium. By March, I had lost 17 lbs with that change alone.

Encouraged, I began eating healthier and exercising regularly.

The flavors of the IdealRaw protein shakes are delicious. My favorite is, of course, the peanut butter chocolate. But, I also really enjoy the super berry and banana almond flavors.

By November 25, 2018, I had reached my goal weight.

A man after losing weight

After 11 months of shakes in the morning, evolving my diet into a plant-based lifestyle and planning my daily routine to engage in regular exercise, I no longer take any medication.

My blood pressure is normal, I don’t use the CPAP and I’ve lost 100 lbs.

I now weigh 170 and I feel great.

Thank you IdealRaw!

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