Leann Is 49 lbs Down – Find Out How & See Her Advice

We had the chance to catch up with Leann. She shared how she’s achieving incredible results and also offers some amazing advice for anyone beginning their journey to better health!

Q: When did your journey start?

A: June 2017

Q: What made you want to make a change?

A: Honestly, I had known I needed to make a change for quite some time before I actually took any action. I had very little energy and really started to pack on the pounds once I stopped breastfeeding.

The problem was, I didn’t know where to start. I’d let myself go for so long. I saw an ad for Mommy Trainer one morning as I was sitting on the couch and figured I’d give it a shot.

I signed up for her 15 Day Challenge and the rest is history. Almost 2 1/2 years later and I’m still going strong. I honestly enjoy every aspect of the programs.

Q: What tips do you have for others starting out?

A: Moderation is key. Don’t just wake up one day and cut everything you enjoy out. Still give yourself treats. It is about making a lifestyle change, not making yourself miserable in the process. Baby steps…you’ll get there!

Q: What are some of the biggest obstacles you’ve had to overcome?

A: I workout in the evenings after I get my little one to bed. This is just the best time for me since my husband works 2nds. I don’t feel like I am taking time away from them just to get my “me time” in. Some days, I am exhausted when 9pm rolls around. Seeing all of the ladies continue to post and kill it in the 6-week group each and every day helps to push me through some late night workouts that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

Q: What are some go-to supplements that have helped?

A: I use IdealRaw Organic Protein for my post workout shake.

I use IdealLeans Pre-Workout. It really helps to push me through my workouts.

I also use IdealLean BCAAs during my workout to help with any post-workout soreness.

Q: What are some of your biggest victories?

A: My biggest victory is choosing to make time for myself again. I was over 3 1/2 years postpartum before I started taking care of myself again. I’m proof that it is never too late and you are never too far gone.

Q: How has this affected your life?

A: Where do I even begin?!? Working out is a huge part of my life. I’m to the point where if I don’t work out one day…I get a twitch. It is apart of my daily routine. Sure I miss a day here and there, but I get right back on track the next day.

I feel so much better. I have the energy to keep up with my 4-year old that’s on the go 24/7. If I would have never clicked on that Facebook ad, I’m not sure if I’d ever made any changes. I am forever grateful I did!

Q: How much weight/inches have you lost?

A: 49 lbs and 61 inches

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