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Meet Adriel

Adriel loves to stay healthy by spending as much time as he can in the outdoors and eating healthy plant-based foods when he can. As he's continued to focus on his health and fitness over the last couple of years, he has come to really think about the things that he eats and puts in his body. 

Unafraid To Go

Adriel Lives Life To The Fullest

On the weekends Adriel loves to go hiking or rappelling with friends and explore slot canyons. He enjoys the feeling of disconnecting from everything and getting out in nature. Having the sustainable energy he needs is why he takes care to only choose the best things to put in his body.

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Meet Sam

Eating healthy can be a challenge, and knowing how to get the best food is sometimes tough. Sam took it upon herself to do the research and make the best choice for her diet. 

Adventurous and self-sufficient

Sam Made A Change

She took a nutrition class in college and started to question the food pyramid suggestions quite a bit. She finally decided to strip it all down and go strictly vegan for a month just to test it out. And she felt great! Now she practices a more plant "focused" diet adding in sustainably and ethically sourced meats and eggs, as well as IdealRaw products.

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Vegan Matcha Energy Bars

Made with organic matcha powder, these bars will give you a more sustainable flow of energy and focus and won’t leave you crashing later. Enjoy!

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